MAKEUPFOREVER in Technicolor

MAKEUPFOREVER in Technicolor

The Technicolor film color process, hit the silver screen in 1910, and was developed over several decades. This changed the movie industry in a major way and in fact became Hollywood's  most famous process from 1920 to 1960. This spring, MAKE UP FOR EVER is paying tribute to color, launching THECNI COLOR PALETTE, the undeniable radiance of yellow expresses the overwhelming pull that can create such irresistible attraction and spectacular sensuality. Whether a single color is applied alone or layered with other shades, the nuances of the palette can be used to create natural or sophisticated make-up looks.

The palette is this Spring’s must-have accessory, offering 8 bright, pumped-up shades of eyeshadow in a variety of matte, satiny, and iridescent textures. 5 basic shades, the mainstay of the timeless MAKE UP FOR EVER collection, ensure that there is something for everyone: Lilac, Black, Matte White, Espresso, and Iridescent Yellow Beige.

These are complemented by 3 radiant shades that concentrate all the vitality of spring: Turquoise, Apple Green, and a limited edition of this Spring’s flagship color, Yellow, reminiscent of the buttercups that bloom at this time of year. This is a primary, hyper-pigmented, glowing Yellow whose joyful vitality will galvanise any look with its radiance.

This color is truly for a woman who is proud to show off the technicolor side of her character with a dynamic, radiant Yellow, her graphic eyes sparking bolts of Cyan Blue and Apple Green. There is no escape; her extravagant beauty electrifies with a single glance.


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